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Artist statement


I am interested in human story and human expression. I like the idea of portraits that a viewer can look at and see some kind of intense emotional expression in the face or the body language of the subject and interpret it in such a way that they attach a personal memory or experience to it. That by looking at a portrait of a complete stranger--one with no back story or explanation--the viewer would still be able to see it and have an empathetic response; that they would reflect their own story and their own feeling onto it.


I believe that although every human’s story is unique in its details, they all share the ebb and flow of struggle and joy: heartbreak and happiness; the whole spectrum of human emotion.  I want to further explore making art that presents that emotional commonality and allows the viewer to fill in the rest--either their own story or one they’re familiar with.

What I’ve been working on lately are watercolor paintings that show a snapshot of everyday life. The idea is a blend of Vermeer’s portraits of everyday tasks--a maid pouring milk in the kitchen--and those shots in the piles of family photos where the camera was just a second too early and Grandma was still adjusting her hair. I like the idea of those in-between moments in life that are so common that we just ignore or don’t even see being a subject, but still have a comforting familiarity.